Update for Taveuni Estates

Dear Residents and Property Owners,

Total frustration is starting to set in I am sure for those on the Estates as well as ourselves. Communications by sea and air are still cut off although Radio Fiji has announced that the Phone suppliers are on the ground from today I presume by courtesy of the Australian Air Force large helicopters that have been dispatched to deliver technicians and replacement equipment where needed. This will make a vast difference.

  1. One would hope that roads engineers and teams on the Island are using their initiative and trying to repair at least one of the two Dock causeways to allow ships to the Island with supplies including service equipment like extra chain saws and water pipes for the Estate which ironically were loaded on ships early last week but prevented from sailing due to Cyclone Winston generated high seas. At that time the chances of the cyclone hitting Fiji directly were slim but it changed course un expectedly Friday night and came straight for us. Luckily we had been preparing for a week, opening Shelters and removing all boats from the sea. The Island of Koro now has troops on the ground right next door to us, many on the Estates can see Koro Island from Taveuni on a clear day. Hopefully the will arrive in Taveuni as well.
  1. We are still waiting to find out if our staff housing remains in tact, how many tourists are in the Hotel, food for all must be getting very low as will fuel for operating vehicles and power generators. Water supply must be in abundance BUT what about the 19 pressure reduction Tanks and hundreds of kilometres of pipe used to distribute the water through the Estate and managed by Taveuni Estates.

We were hoping by today to be able to give you a more accurate assessment of actual damage but without communications we as is Government apart from survey teams returning to The main Island to report what little news they gather it seems we must remain patient and pray for the best possible outcome in this tragic episode. Currently according to Radio Fiji 36 are confirmed dead throughout the country with a great number injured in the hospitals that are still operating.

As most of the electricity has gone down in Suva it may take some time before this message is uploaded to the website so we may well have to email it again. SOME OF THE LINKS BELOW MAY HAVE TO BE PASTED INTO YOUR COMPUTER BROWSER

Thank you for your patience and many emails of support.

Peter Stinson





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