About Taveuni Island

Welcome to paradise. Welcome to Taveuni Island, Fiji.

Taveuni lies to the north-east of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, and is the third largest island in the archipelago. Approximately 140km and a mere hour’s direct flight from the capital, Suva, Taveuni Island rises like an emerald-coloured gem from the Pacific and is a haven of lush tropical forests, pristine beaches and some of the best soft coral reefs in the world.

The Garden Island

Though Taveuni Island is just 42 km (26 miles) long and 11.26km (7 miles) wide, its relatively small size belies its importance in the region.

Known as the ‘garden island’, Taveuni is blessed with an abundance of rich and fertile volcanic soil and is home to thriving plantations of copra and kava. Taveuni also has an amazing abundance of tropical fruit and exotic vegetables that grow wild on the island. There is an endless supply of fresh water, coupled with enormous mango trees, papayas, pineapples, chillies, taro and avocados, making living of the land very possible in this island paradise.

Taveuni Island is also famed for its immense natural beauty including crystal clear waters that make it a sought-after diving destination, abundant natural life above and below the sea level and breathtaking vistas across the Pacific Ocean.

The highest point on Taveuni Island is Mount Uluiqalau, which stands at an impressive 4040 feet. Taveuni Island is quite literally one of the last great unspoiled places on earth.

Getting here

Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu is only 140km south east of Taveuni and is serviced by over 100 international flights per week. Six daily flights transport passengers on an hour’s flight to Matei, the airport on Taveuni Island. Taveuni Estates is situated exactly 17km from the island’s airport. There are also flights from the Capital Suva and several roll on roll off ferry services to the Island with good overnight accommodation.

Airlines include Air Pacific (Fiji’s International Airline), Air New Zealand, Virgin and Air Korea. Direct flights go to and from Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Vancouver and beyond with easy coach share arrangements to the rest of the world..

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Life on Taveuni

Taveuni Island is unique in that it has escaped industrialisation and maintained its charm and laidback character. The Fijian people are known for their friendly manner, and strangers are welcomed as friends. A small Indian community also lives on the island and their influence is felt with the abundance of spices used in the traditional cuisine found here.

With its tropical climate, Taveuni Island enjoys pleasant temperatures year-round – from 20′ C (68′ F) in the cool season, to 30′ C (86′ F) in summer. The moderate climate means Taveuni is the ideal site for a tropical home-away from-home where leisure activities can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Dangerous animals, poisonous snake and spiders are non-existent on Taveuni, as are tropical diseases such as malaria.

Untouched. Unspoiled. Unforgettable.

Visitors are spoilt for choice with a feast of natural wonders as far as the eye can see. Well-kept winding roads travail the island, through quaint villages, lush tropical forest, to sandy beaches and up into the highlands.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Many visitors to Taveuni are so enamoured with the beautiful garden island, they wish they could make their stay last forever. Well, they can. Almost.

Taveuni Island is one of the few areas of land in the world that is crossed by the International Date Line and a visit to the official sign at Weiyeyo allows you to literally put one foot in today and one in yesterday! However, to keep Fiji in one time zone, the IDL has been adjusted.

Eco-treasure island

Taveuni Island is teeming in natural flora and fauna, from brilliant tropical flowers to rare creatures that have survived for centuries in this eco-haven.

Fiji’s national flower is the brilliantly red Tagimoucia. Regarded as sacred by many Fijians, Taveuni Island is said to be the only place in the archipelago where this flower still grows naturally. It is a high altitude plant and a hike to the upper reaches of the island may well reveal this rare bloom in all its glory, and many more tropical secrets.

Another rare species found only on Taveuni Island is the elusive Orange Breasted Dove which makes its home in the lush forests of the island. Intrepid forest walkers may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Fiji Ground Frog and the extremely rare and indigenous Crested Iguana -the only species of its kind.

Another eco-treasure that attracts intrepid explorers is the series of world-famous coral reefs. Known as ‘the soft coral capital of the world’. Fiji, and Taveuni island in particular, is a mecca for divers from all over the globe. The famous Rainbow Reef lies a five minute boat ride from the shores of Taveuni Island and sightings of reef fish, giant traveli, various shark species and the occasional manta ray are part and parcel of a dive excursion.

For snorkellers, life simply doesn’t get better – the warm, tropical waters are brimming with brilliantly coloured reef fish.

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