Building a House

Are there any rules regarding lot ownership and construction on the Estate?

Every purchaser has to agree to a standard Deed of Covenant when taking transfer of their lot on the Estate. The extracts of this deed are designed to protect the owners of land and to outline any rules of ownership and construction.

An example of this would be that all main houses must be no less than 900 square feet internal and design is subject to the approval of Taveuni Estates. This is to ensure all residents retain maximum views and the look of the Estates is never compromised. Please request to see the extracts from the Deed of Covenant should you wish to know more.

What is the cost of construction?

Building costs vary depending on design and materials, but start at approximately $US 700 per square meter. Contractors are readily available here on the Island and 90% of all materials are local. Fiji is a big exporter of timber so we have a wide selection. Taveuni Estates Ltd has an association with architects and engineers based here in Fiji who are among the best in Fiji However we encourage lot owners to make use of whichever vendor they choose, provided the standard of construction meets their and Taveuni Estates requirements.

Some options include:

Webster Construction & Joinery
PO Box 678, Savusavu, Fiji Islands.
Ph: (679) 885 0802
Fax: (679) 885 0820
Email: websters@connect.com.fj