Infrastructure & Facilities

Are the facilities of Taveuni Estates free for residents use?

Residents may use the Estate’s facilities including the golf course, tennis courts, clubhouse and swimming pool free of charge.

Is there a power supply on Taveuni Island?

The Fiji government is planning to introduce hydroelectric power in late 2015.

Otherwise you can choose, that our house have its own power generation system. We have experimented with many. Some are 100% solar, some diesel etc. We have found the most economical system is a combination of butane gas for refrigerators, stoves etc., with the new silent diesel generators with battery supplementation through inverters. This system is cheap to run and the most efficient. Some residents on the estate have included solar panels together with the above specification.

Is there mobile phone coverage on Taveuni Estates?

Yes there is indeed good phone and Internet services available on the Island.

Who is the telephone supplier for Fiji?

Telecom Fiji and Vodafone are Taveuni’s main supplier of phones and connections. They have a branches in Taveuni located in Waiyevo.

What about water supply?

Taveuni Estates water supply is piped to all properties from a natural spring further up the mountain. We have over 220kms of piping which feed spring water to all 897 lots via the 19 reservoirs. We have back up water supply in case of drought through bore pumps to supplement supply. Water is connected to over 800 locations on the Estate.

What is the condition of the roads on Taveuni Estates?

The roads on the Estate are in good condition and there are over 36 kms of tar sealed roads, which allow for freedom of movement around the Estate. Further the roads are sealed from the Islands Airport Matei and the local shipping dock to the Estate.

Is there a marina where boats can be moored or docked?

Large boats are moored along the Estate shoreline on permanent moorings. There is an inner Marina for shore access with pontoon landings. The inner Marina has a boat ramp for smaller boats up to 30 feet which are winched onto dry land. The inner marina section is marked with beacons and lit at night for ease of access. Also available are fuel tanks and water hoses.