Island Activities

Exploring the coastal and inland treasures of Taveuni is integral to making the most of this unique Fijian eco-treasure island.

Whether you opt for a challenging hike up the slopes of one of the magnificent inactive volcanoes on the island or prefer the idea of exploring the spectacular beaches where movies like Return to Blue Lagoon were filmed, there is no end to the list of things to do and places to see.

Bouma National Heritage Park

This protected national park was the winner of the British Airways ‘Tourism for Tomorrow’ award in 2002 for its strong preservationist and eco-tourism slant. The Park is Taveuni’s conservation success story with approximately 15000 hectares of rainforest protected by the park and forest reserve.

Four villages within the park are involved in self-sustaining projects and are active examples of cultural and natural preservation at work. Funds raised from visits to the park are channeled into training of park guides, education funds, forest conservation and protection and the same for the reef that falls within the marine park boundaries. Central to the park is the growth of cultural awareness with controlled access to the villages via guided trips.

Waitabu Marine Park

Knowledgeable local guides lead visitors to the Taveuni reef conservation project. This is an ideal opportunity for keen snorkelers to get a taste of what has made Taveuni Island the ‘soft coral capital of the world’.

Vidawa Forest

This forest hike takes you into the heart of Taveuni Island’s Bouma National Heritage Park. Wandering through wilderness, untouched rainforest and the historic fortified site of Navuga Village. The hike takes in stunning coastal views, abundant indigenous bird life and offers a unique opportunity to sample this unspoiled natural treasure.

Local Taveuni guides offer insider information on forest life, including the unique flora and fauna.

Lunch is prepared and served en route by local villagers and the adventure finishes with a swim at Bouma Waterfall where afternoon tea is provided.

Bouma Falls

This is truly one of the most magnificent natural sights on Taveuni Island. Located in Bouma National Park, it is an ideal day trip for visitors. A two-hour drive from the Estate takes you through beautiful natural scenery past the village of Bouma and the starting point for reaching the falls. An easy walk 10 minute walk takes you to an 80ft waterfall and a stunning pool to cool off in. A small beach and picnic area caters for day-visitors. Intrepid explorers can visit a second and third waterfall, reached by a spectacular forest trail

Lavena Coastal Walk/Kayaking Trip

A visit to the area around Lavena village will yield a wealth of eco-treasures for nature lovers.

Lavena is situated on the eastern side of the island. From here, a trail follows the crystal clear waters to a secluded canyon, where you can swim or wade to the magnificent Wainibau waterfalls.

The afternoon can be spent swimming and enjoying the natural splendor of this untouched corner of the island.

Alternatively, trippers can kayak one way and walk the other – an excellent way to make the most of this fun-filled daytrip.

Lake Tagimaucia

Perhaps the most famous geographical landmark on the island is Lake Tagimaucia located in an old crater 2500 feet high in the mountains.

The lake is filled with a floating sea of masses of vegetation. It is also home to Fiji’s most famous and beautiful flower, the Tagimaucia, which produces distinctive red blooms with white centers. The flower usually blooms from the end of September to the end of December and a trip to see these beautiful flowers is well worth the effort.

The lake is located just below Des Voeux Peak, at 4040 feet, the second highest in Taveuni (the highest is Mount Uluigalau and is 3750 high – both are among the highest in Fiji).

The hike to the lake can be challenging and is a full-day excursion although indirect four by four trips are also available.

Birdwatching at Des Voeux Peak

Fiji is a bird watchers paradise and Taveuni Island is home to all the indigenous species in the region.

Look out for the Orange Breasted Dove and the Silktail – found nowhere else in the world but on Taveuni Island. This is your chance to experience firsthand the rich animal life on the island.

Vuna Village, Blow Hole and Navakawau (End of the Road)

The village of Vuna is located at the southern end of Taveuni Island and is an important landmark as the first European settlement here.

The nearby village of Navakawau is known as the place ‘at the end of the road’ – literally the last stop on the southern tip of the island. A highlight of this culturally rich daytrip is the visit to the dramatic Blow Hole– perfect for photo opportunities. Picnic spots at sugar white beaches and secluded lagoons add to the magic of this multi-faceted excursion.

International Dateline and Waikiri Mission

The quaint Catholic church at Wairiki Mission is a must-visit for culturally-keen visitors.

On the 10-minute drive from Taveuni Estates to the mission, you will cross the International Dateline. The official sign at Weiyeyo allows you to literally put one foot in today and one in yesterday! However, to keep Fiji in one time zone, the IDL has been adjusted.

The Mission is situated on a hill overlooking the site where Taveuni warriors turned back thousands of Tongans in an historic battle fought in canoes just off the beach.

This was a significant battle in the history of Fiji. At the time, Tonga had gained control over the rest of Fiji through a series of battles.

The French missionary priest who advised the Taveuni warriors on their fighting strategy was rewarded when the grateful people of Taveuni built the large mission.

Sunday visitors will enjoy a visit to mass where the sound of locals singing is truly moving. Local children are often ready to take visitors around their school and village and provide a charming look into their way of life.

Waitavala Waterslide

A must-do for adventure seekers, this natural water slide is a favored spot created by Mother Nature herself and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Bus Tour

Get on our local bus and see the island for a real Fijian ‘slice of life’!

Horseback Riding

Exploring the island by horseback is an experience not to be missed. Ask around once you have arrived on the island, residents and locals will happily point you in the right direction.