Report Update Taveuni Estates 2nd March 2016

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Dear Residents and Property Owners.

It is a week since we have reported to you on the conditions at Taveuni Estates. We have been awaiting the fullest possible assessments of damage to the property and evolving the restoration programme priorities as well as arranging for the finance to undertake this large project.

  1. On Taveuni Estates Itself the Company has begun shipping in basic food supplies for our workers and families. Given the fact that the agricultural sector on Taveuni and neighbouring Vanua Levu the big Island next to us has been virtually wiped out this necessity may have to continue for some time whilst we start finding the new raw materials for the planting of crops. The fruit trees such as Mango, papaya, breadfruit and citrus will re generate themselves in time and the seas remain stocked with fish. For Information on agricultural damage see website below Number 1.
  2. From the end of this week we are doubling the work force to speed up water pipe restoration and repairs as well as clearing debris. But shift times are being worked out as crops must be planted as well.
  3. As water pipes are replaced, expect some dirt from time to time in water and we recommend that all drinking water should be boiled.
  4. Some home owners have been donating food and rations to parts of the Island which shows tremendous community spirit and is so appreciated by the population.
  5. Foreign aid is starting to trickle onto the Island with a flight from The French air force landing in Taveuni on the weekend with supplies for Levana and Vuda the two worst affected areas in Taveuni. But as the Prime minister says “There is no single place in Fiji where Cyclone Winston has not been affected in some way.” For example over 54,000 people remain homeless and the number can be doubled when you take into account those sheltering with relatives” Further there are some 60,000 school children who cannot return to school as the buildings are either badly damaged or completely destroyed.
  6. Foreign aid is arriving along with foreign military personnel and medical practitioners. See the reports on the websites listed below.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Also to those who have been generous with their time and resources at this tragic time. To those who have still not paid their 2016 service charges, the best way you can assist is to please do so in this difficult time.

Kind regards,

Peter Stinson


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