News Release for Taveuni Estates following Cyclone Winston

We wish to make it clear that at the time of writing this release that so far we have had no contact with the Island. The only evidence of damage we have so far is that provided by the New Zealand Air Force who photographed Taveuni and Koro Islands along with other parts of Fiji. See

Below is the only Photo we have of Taveuni Estates so far.


  1. You will note that the newly rebuilt Marina has completely gone
  2. The Clubhouse has been severely damaged. No doubt low lying parts of the Golf Course would have been washed away.
  3. All foliage has been stripped away.
  4. The Hotel appears to be intact.

What we can tell you is that we had sustained winds of 230 kmph with gusts up to 325 kmph. Taveuni Island and Koro Island were amongst the hardest hit areas in Fiji.

Cyclone Winston has already been labelled The Biggest and most Powerful Cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere ever.

This news is to assure you that Government officials are due on the Island tomorrow to assess damage and we will do all in our power to keep you updated on damage and repairs as we receive news.

We pray there has been no loss of life or serious injuries. Food supplies will be a big problem as Government wharves have been severely damaged and most local crops destroyed.

Please bear with us and think of all those wonderful people out on Taveuni.


Peter Stinson


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